Thursday, July 2, 2015

Look What I Drew!

I'm still not prepared for the convention.

I need to get my prints out, but I need money to do so. I also need business cards and my table cover (which isn't as important, but would be nice to have). I waited too long, and it's not like I can't get it done soon, it's just that I'm going to be rushing through it all. At the very least, I've got some new prints that I think will do quite nicely, so hopefully I can make a profit and thensome.

I'm not gonna do anymore print pieces, but I will work on other drawings when I can. The next project is going to be a new logo for King Puddin Art, which already looks cool and I'll try to get it finalized ASAP.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Look What I Drew! 06/18/2015

You can pick up prints at my shop!

It's happening, guys. Final Fantasy VII. Remake. I cried tears of joy when I saw the trailer.
Naturally, I had to do some fanart. I've b making new prints that I think will sell pretty well: Subject in the front (anime/game/show characters) and a strip of background. I can totally see these on people's walls.

I've also been practicing Spanish as of late. I'm tired of not being able to speak the language, considering I'm two types of hispanic, so I took it upon myself to learn. I'm getting much, much better: I'm able to hold small conversations and I'm understanding other people more. I still need a lot of practice before I'm fully comfortable, but this is exactly what I needed: to have someone to converse with so it becomes more natural. One of my biggest problems was that I was uncomfortable speaking because...well, other hispanics can be rather rude about it. Being called a fake hispanic for not speaking the language comes to mind, and also native speakers are much faster and kinda roll over you if you can't keep up.

My mom is one such person. It's bad enough that the dialect changes with the region, but trying to learn with someone who speaks a mile a minute definitely doesn't help. I do have to say, I knew much more than I thought. Minor words come very easily so I only need to pick up stringing sentences along.

I'm getting there!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Look What I Drew! 06/16/2015

Man, season 5 of Game of Thrones was a shitshow. Terrible pacing, bad writing, characters died or were put into positions for no reason other than shock value - by god, it was bad. I gave up on the series, came back for a hot minute (because the episode "Hardhome" was the only shining light of this season), and promptly left when they ruined Stannis. Yeah, season 6 needs to be amazing or this series is going bye-bye.

The biggest problem is that George RR Martin hasn't finished book 6. At all. There's only so much narrative for the show to go by, and they used it all up. They have to pull situations out of their ass and the show has suffered immensely because of it. I hate to be one of those who criticizes GRRM for his slow-paced writing, but it's true - He's making us all wait too long for his story and we have only a cheap imitation to satisfy us. It's a shame, because the show was really good up until this season, but that shows how bad the production is if they can't keep stories together once their well dries up.

Ugh. In  any case, I drew Jon Snow. He's one of my favorites. This is available for purchase as a print, which you can pick up at my shop!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Look What I Drew! 06/11/2015

So I was hired for a freelance job. The client decided my style wasn't what he was looking for.


It sucks to get turned down, but I feel like I've put the cart before the horse with this. I blinded myself with trying to get more money when I should be working on my own pieces for the upcoming conventions. I decided working on someone else's ideas was good for me when I didn't have my heart into what they wanted...I can't do that to myself. I'm going to end up wanting not to draw again and that won't get me anywhere, so I need to do what's important.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Look What I Drew! 04/14/2015

Man, has anyone been watching Daredevil on Netflix? It's way too awesome! The casting is great, it doesn't feel like a superhero show and yet it's chock full of action, suspense,'s so good. Highly recommended.

I'm way ahead of schedule with my pieces so I may just throw in some new ones and see what sticks. I'm thinking...Edward Elric might be next. Got a good idea for that one.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Look What I Drew! 03/31/2015

The Big, Bad Bat
Only 3 more drawings left!

I'm thinking of doing a Dragonball drawing in lieu of one of the subjects I chose. Kinda have a cool idea but we'll see where it goes.